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Pastor's Dan & Lori
He is so awesome I cannot understand why you would not want to know Him if you do not
already. Once you are there, it is time to grow in Him and follow Him into what ever He has
for you. My job is to get you to grow up into Him. I hope you are ready for the journey! Lets

For my historical data, here we go: I was married for 27 years till the Lord took my wife Lynn
home to be with him Oct. 8, 2005. I have three children, Chrystal, Dan and Rob all above 23
years of age. I have one son- in- law (Terry) and two grandchildren (Jessica and Austin)
(guess who they belong to?). I remarried April 22, 2006 to Lori, who the Lord has placed in
my life and me in hers as soul mates and for us both to grow and move on in the Lord. Lori
has two children, Randy and Chantel. Chantel is the only one living with us. We are
expecting some great things from the Lord in all of this. Lots of ministry ahead.

I accepted the Lord's provision and started my journey with him in 1982. I was baptized in the
Holy Spirit and in water the same year. I have been serving the Lord in many ways over the
years. He has had me teaching Sunday school, church clerk, cleaning, digging, whatever
needed to be done. I like to be the first one there and the last to leave if possible. I have
served under some great men of God as lay minister, substitute minister, associate pastor,
assistant pastor and other ministry positions without titles. I taught with Prison Fellowship in
many prisons in the area (which I greatly miss).
I am a bass player for around 35 years now and play nothing but for the Lord. I play just
about any style as long as it is for Him! I currently play a Peavey Cirrus 5 string with a Line 6
Bass Podxt and foot board, Audio Technica wireless through the church's Mackie sound
system. Awesome stuff! I mainly use my SWR Working Pro 12 combo amp outside of
church. I also have a Gibson G-3 4string bass, a Fender Squire P-Bass,
Fretless Cort
Curbow, (etc.),
an Ampeg classic 115 cabinet, a SWR Goliath Jr. III 210 cabinet, a Hartke
HA2000 head, a Kustom like cabinet with 2-15s and  a Sound City X188 Head.
Hi everybody! I am so glad you stopped by my page. I get to
ramble on to you about how great our church is and how great
a minister I am right ???? Well we all know it is all about HIM
and not me and not the church. We are just the open vessels
for His use. The Lord has blessed me with the ascension gift
ministry of an apostolic pastor and uses me in the prophetic. I
am open to anything He would like to do with me so I can not
put a label on all of the giftings He uses me in.

I know one thing and that is His word is true and He cannot
fail. Everything else falls under this truth. God is God and there
is no other. I will not bow to any other because there is none. I
pray to my Father God in the name/authority of His son Jesus
in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Blessing and thanks for stopping by,

Bishop Daniel H. Elder,
Senior Pastor