Peru Church of God

The Peru Church of God was originally founded in Plattsburgh in 1961 and the first building was on the Tom Miller Road where the United Way building now stands. From Tom Miller Road, under the Pastoral leadership of Frank Fowler, sold that building and purchased and moved to Wall Street. Under the pastoral leadership of Philip Yannone, we sold that building and purchased and moved the current building in Peru. The current building was formally the Caristrap Factory Building and has undergone many renovations. We are currently in what I call phase 2 of 3. The top floor was renovated to accommodate the Yannone family. When the Yannone family left the area, we decided to use this part of the building for our meetings. We then divided the lower section by building a wall and renovated that westerly section. Once completed, we moved down stairs and use the upper level for fellowship functions and class rooms. The easterly section which is approximately 65'x65' is still untouched and will be part of our phase three. We are also blessed to be 8.5 Acres of land fronting on Route 9, Caristrap Road and Jabez Allen Road with a beautiful view of Lake Champlain and Vermont. The land itself was part of the William Baggs' farm.

The early Pastors are as follows: Daniel J. Smith Nov. 1961-Aug. 1964; Daniel E. Combs Sept. 1964-Apr. 1966; John Chiasson June-1966; Dwayne Bendo Sept. 1966-Jun. 1967; T.L. Tolbert Aug. 1967-Sept. 1967; G.Paul Hill Apr. 1968-Jul. 1970; David L. Holdman Aug. 1970-Jun. 1971; Edward O. Gregory July 1971-May 1972; Chesleigh S. Davis June 1972-July 1975; Gary M. Guinn Aug.-75; Micharl Mewborn Sept. 1975-Apr. 1976; John H. Darnell May 1976-Jan. 1977; Phillip J. Casterline Feb. 1977-May 1979; Larry Deming June 1979-Oct. 1985; Frank Fowler Nov. 1985-Aug. 1994; Phillip Yannone Sept. 1994-Sept. 1999; Daniel Elder October 1999-Present.

The original name was the Plattsburgh Church of God. It was later changed to the North Country Harvest Church of God when we moved to Peru. It was later changed to the current name, Peru Church of God.If you have any further history information, please contact me at