Peru Church of God

Praise & Worship
When we come together for corporate praise and worship, we are on a journey.  We must go from the physical realm to
the spiritual realm and into the throne room of God.  In praise, we celebrate the works, ways, and character of God, and
sometimes it’s submission of ourselves—we may not “feel” like it…but we press in!  In worship, we express thoughts
of love and commitment.  Worship must focus totally on God—not on self, not on anyone around us, not on programs,
not on songs/styles, and not on anyone on the platform.  It can be a time of dialogue with God, or it can be a quiet time
of just soaking in His presence.  

The Bible says God is seeking such worshipers.  (John 4: 23-24) ”God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit
and in truth” He desires our worship, a time of intimacy with Him.

We use many forms of Biblical worship:  we clap hands  (Psalm 47:1); we lift hands (Psalm 134:2); we bow down
and/or kneel (Psalm 95:6); we stand (Nehemiah 9:5); we play instruments (2 Samuel 6:5); we sing (Psalm 104:33);     
we shout (Psalm 47:1); we dance (Psalm 149:3).  

We view our time of praise and worship as a time for all to participate—as you feel comfortable.  It is not a time to be a
spectator, but to activate yourself so as to not miss out on what the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit has for you! It
is a time to be a sacrifice, a sacrifice of praise unto Him! Come and join in! Be blessed!