The Mission of the Peru Church of God is:
  • To transform our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by establishing a church through a relationship with God, one another, and our community.
  • The church will gather together in unity, worship in Spirit and in Truth, & celebrate the glory of Jesus Christ .
  • We will be empowered with the Holy Spirit to participate in and advance the Kingdom of God.
  • We will be discipled and replicate the process in others.
  • We will win the lost to Christ out in our community and the world through missions, evangelism, service and benevolence.
  • We will be culturally relevant and clearly communicate the gospel in love, acceptance and truth.
  • We will Bless the body of Christ in our area working in unity and being a resource for them.

Our Vision is:
  • To clearly hear the voice of the Lord and to be obedient to what ever it is that He calls each of us as individuals and as a body, to do.
  • To have our ears, eyes, and heart opened to all of the workings of the Lord
  • To go beyond our natural abilities and reach a dying world with the love of Jesus and the truth of the Kingdom of God.
  • To have the flow of the Spirit of God in each believer.
  • To have the gifting of each believer be fully active.
  • To see every individual die to themselves and grow to their full potential in Christ.
  • To tear down any wall the enemy may build, whether it is with an individual or within the body.
  • To see our church grow to a point where we will have to plant other churches in nearby communities.
  • To be a training center, a spiritual hospital, and a true sanctuary.
  • To present the Truth as relevant to today's society and to dispel the lies of the enemy in all regards.
  • To open a Christian center for the arts so to speak, as an opportunity for evangelism.